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be part of the cast!

educational musical theatre 

  • What is the audition process?
    • Everyone who joins that cast is in the show and will participate in weekly instructions during our regular rehearsal schedule. Time is taken out during regular rehearsal to prepare everyone to present their talents. From those presentations lead roles are chosen. Anyone not given a role is automatically placed into the ensemble where they will participate in production of the show.
  • Can anyone join?
    • YES! There is always room for new performers. From kindergarten through adult. TESOCAL is not like children's theatre. Characters are chosen based on their intended perception. Adults play adult roles for example.
  • Can anyone come see the show?
    • Of course. There are usually shows during the day. These shows are meant for school field trips. Public shows are open to everyone. Please call the main number for tickets. (800) 514-2787